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  • 2910 tap
    Item No.:2910 Material:Stainless steel Colour:brushed silver
  • 2547 tap
    Item No.:2547 Material:Stainless steel Colour:brushed silver
  • X-016 drain plug
    Item No.:X-016 Size:70*210mm Material:copper Colour:chromed
  • B8001 drain plug
    Item No.:B8001 Size:70*210mm Material:Stainless steel Colour:brushed silver
  • X-017 drain pipe
    Item No.:X-017 Size:800mm Material:PVC Colour:white
  • FX-P21 spayer
    Item No.:FX-P21 Material:Stainless steel Colour:brushed silver
  • SL-2843 spayer
    Item No.:SL-2843 Material:ABS Colour:chromed
  • SL-6636B shower
    Item NO.:SL-6636B Size:as sample Material:copper Colour:chromed
  • SL-2610B shower
    Item NO.:SL-2610B Size:as sample Material:copper Colour:chromed
  • QC-4005 paper holder
    Item NO.:QC-4005 Size:as sample Material:copper & steel Colour:chromed
  • QC-4008 towel bar
    Item NO.:QC-4008 Size:as sample Material:copper & steel Colour:chromed
  • K112 basin
    Item NO.:K112 Size:500*475*185mm Material:high-temperature ceramic Colour:white
  • 2552 tap
    Item NO.:2552 Material:Stainless steel Colour:brushed silver
  • 6882 tap
    Item NO.:6882 Material:copper Colour:chromed
  • SL-2558 red angle vale
    Item NO.:SL-2558 red Material:Stainless steel Colour:brushed silver
  • SL-2558 angle vale
    Item NO.:SL-2558 Material:Stainless steel Colour:brushed silver
  • AV008 angle vale
    Item NO.:AV008 Material:Stainless steel Colour:brushed silver
  • A26 mirror
    Item NO.:A26 Size:500*800mm Material:glass Colour:white frame
  • AJ mirror
    Item No.:AJ Size:500*700mm Material:glass Colour:without frame
  • ML-5080 mirror
    Item No.:ML-5080 Size:500*800mm Material:glass Colour:black frame
  • SLL-K8
    Item No.:SLL-K8 Size:135*135*132mm Material:Aluminum Colour:silver
  • L-282 paper holder
    Item No.:L-282 Size:140*140*85mm Material:Aluminum Colour:silver
  • SLL-H09 corner basket
    Item No.:SLL-H09 Size:250*250mm Material:Aluminum Colour:silver
  • L-281 corner basket
    Item No.:L-281 Size:230*230mm Material:Aluminum Colour:silver
  • SLL-Y806 towel holder
    Item No.:SLL-Y806 Size:600mm Material:Aluminum Colour:silver
  • L-283 towel holder
    Item No.:L-283 Size:600mm Material:Aluminum Colour:silver
  • 5540 kitchen sink
    Item No.:5540 Size:500*400mm Material:Stainless steel Colour:brushed silver
  • 2542 Tap
    Item No.:2542 Material:Stainless steel Colour:brushed silver
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custom made bathroom vanity for every customer
Your bathroom is important for a successful day. It can also be a place to relax in the evening with a candlelit view. This is why it is so versatile. Bespoke custom made vanity to create a space that is both functional and beautiful.
Each homeowner has a different need when it comes down to choosing the right bathroom cabinet for them. Are you looking for built-in cabinets in your bathroom to store towels? Do bath toys need storage? Do you think a central area for applying make-up in the bathroom cabinet is important? We can make cabinets that fit your home, no matter how small or large.
You can integrate options into your bathroom vanity unit to make it more functional. Built-in drawers can be included in vanity units to help clear clutter and create a spacious, clean space. Bathroom cabinets can be combined with bathroom vanities to transform your bathroom into a functional space. After a hard day, relax in a hot tub and enjoy the feeling of relaxation.

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