OKASA is the brand of Nanhai Gaotong Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. in Foshan City.
The factory is located in the highend furniture manufacturing base of China:
Guangdong Foshan. Now it has 30,000 square meters of modern production
workshop. A series of products of OKASA bathroom cabinets are made of
green, environmentally friendly, pollutionfree, and odorfree materials, designed
by top Italian original designers. Private customization is a major feature of us,
reflecting the different ways of healthy living and satisfying customers
Every product design concept of OKASA embodies functional and innovative
design. Whether it is style or material, we are adhering to providing customers
with the best costeffective products, and constantly innovating in practicality
and convenience. The bathroom makes an important part of our home and an
indispensable place to improve the quality of life, OKASA gives you a
comfortable and high quality home.