Advantages of solid wood furniture

Many companies will use different kinds of boards to produce bathroom cabinets, so the cabinet materials of bathroom cabinets on the market can be divided into the following types:MDF, Melamine Board, Particleboard, Plywood, Solid Wood, Stainless Steel.

Our company——Okasa has always used solid wood to make bathroom cabinets. We are a Chinese style selections vanity manufacturer in solid wood bathroom cabinet for over 15 years.

What is solid wood board? Solid wood board is made of complete wood.

The advantages of solid wood board are also popular with manufacturers. For example, solid wood boards are durable and natural in texture. Most of them have the unique fragrance of natural wood, and have good hygroscopicity and breathability, which is beneficial to human health and will not cause environmental pollution. It is a high-quality board for making high-end furniture and decorating houses.

Due to the particularity of the solid wood board, the cost of the solid wood board is high, and the construction technology requirements are high, so it is rarely used in decoration.

In addition, due to the Limited wood resources, it is almost impossible to make furniture and decorate houses with a large number of solid wood plates. But for products like bathroom cabinets, it can be realized.

Our company, brand of Okasa, uses solid wood boards that are FSC certified to ensure the legitimacy of wood sources on the one hand and the sustainable development of nature on the other.